[Webinar] 10 A/B Tests You Must Try on Your PPC Landing Pages

Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes (Q&A)

An untested, unoptimized, PPC landing page can shoo away prospects faster than you can say P-P-C. Expectedly, you incur huge costs and, worse still, you’re stuck with a non-converting landing page that doesn’t get you any business!

Enter A/B Testing

A landing page’s effectiveness is measured based on its key touchpoints such as the headline, layout, image/banner and, most importantly, the CTA. A/B Testing your PPC Landing Page not only helps you optimize these touchpoints but also validate the best variation you should use for your PPC campaign.

This webinar lists 10 tried-and-tested ideas that are certain to help you boost your PPC conversion rate from ad to form submit. Key takeaways are:

  1. Connecting the ad copy to the first 5 seconds of the landing page experience
  2. Optimizing the flow of the page so that visitors naturally flow to the converting action
  3. Adding trust seals that support, instead of distracting from, the primary goal
  4. And much much more!

Meet the Speakers

Paras Chopra

Founder and CEO, VWO

He’s a big believer in bootstrapping a business, and taking market-led approach to generating startup ideas.


Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Jacob has learned how to leverage PPC marketing best practices, conversion rate optimization, and ROI focused analytics to drive aggressive and profitable business growth.